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Husqvarna POWER 4-T petrol, 200 liters (identical to Aspen) 200 liters

SKU: 40009

It can be used by aspens on Husqvarna Xp Power  4 bar can be changed. 


Delivery 200 L  whole Switzerland only 15fr 

An environmentally friendly special fuel for lawn mowers, riders, garden tractors, tillers, snow blowers and other machines with four-stroke engines.HUSQVARNA POWER 4-STROKE keeps valves and pistons cleaner than conventional fuels, giving the engine longer life and greater operational reliability. The low-emission alkylate petrol causes far fewer toxic emissions than conventional petrol and protects your health and nature. Husqvarna Power is virtually free of aromatics, benzene, toluene, sulfur and olefins.


  • Shipment

    Free delivery from the 2 barrel 200L

    5 years shelf life 


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