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Husqvarna XP POWER 2, 2-T ready mix (identical to Aspen) 200 liters

SKU: 40008

It can without problems, from aspens on Husqvarna Xp Power 2-stroke switch. Delivery 200 L whole Switzerland only 15fr




HUSQVARNA XP® POWER 2-STROKE An environmentally friendly special fuel for two-stroke engines, which is mixed with 2% fully synthetic and biodegradable XP oil. For all chainsaws, timmers, brushcutters, hedge trimmers, blowers and most air-cooled two-stroke engines. The low-emission alkylate petrol causes far fewer toxic exhaust gases than conventional petrol and protects your health and nature.Husqvarna poweris practically free of aromatics, benzene, toluene, sulfur and olefins. |HUSQVARNA VEF - VERIFIED ENGINE FORMULA Husqvarna VEF stands for a set of tests thatHusqvarna on its engines to ensure that the fuel mixture and the engines are well matched. VEF approval creates the best conditions for your Husqvarna engine to develop its full potential.

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    Free delivery from the 2 barrel 200L

    5 years shelf life


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