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Gummikette mit Schneeprofil

Rubber tracks with snow tread

SKU: 700001


Rubber tracks with our rubber stud profile, specially developed for snow and ice, are used on all snow blowers and small snowmobiles.                            

Thanks to the specially developed concave-convex Schnrofil, your chain-operated machine has optimal grip on the respective surface, even in difficult conditions.


Our rubber tracks with snow profile are available as a standard chain with a pitch of 72mm and as a special version with a pitch of 60mm without metal bars.


Must be ordered not in stock 

  • Suitable machines:

    Yanmar YSR 2720 snow blower

    Yanmar YSR 3000 snow blower

    Yanmar YSR 3340 snow blower

    Snow blower Yanmar YSR 3420

    Snow blower Yanmar YSR 3430A

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