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Rubber tracks 230x72x52 OEM OEM quality

SKU: 900040
  1. We offer you a complete range of rubber tracks in excellent OEM quality.
  2. Our rubber tracks are produced to the highest standards based on years of experience and a large number of tests under a wide range of operating conditions.
  3. Our rubber tracks can be used on about 5000 machine models.
  4. Production starts at a width of 130mm for smaller engine dumpers and ends at 800mm for large crawler excavators and transporters.


    The main features of our rubber tracks are:

  • highest quality standard
  • designed for daily professional use
  • Your advantage with us is attractive prices
  • Galvanized or brass-coated steel cables (corrosion protection)
  • forged steel trusses (not easily breakable cast steel)
  • high traction and grip
  • Extremely smooth running with our rubber tracks with AVT technology
  • very good self-cleaning Determines the service life of the chain with low rubber wear
  • Patented HD rubber compounds
  • Suitable machines:

    BENFRA 9.02B  

    CHIKUSUI BFG1005       

    COMACCHIO MC400     


    GEHLMAX RD15DR / RD15-D / RD15-DR / TCH15 /RD15/18D

    HUTTER 120H  

    IHI MC15           

    KUBOTA KC121

    LEO 26 


    MESSERSI TCH12  / TCH15 / TCH1500 / TCH15S         

    MINITRACK 1003           

    MULTIDRILL ML             

    NEUSON DT15 

    NIKO HY48/2000           

    NIKO HY60        


    SEDIDRIL 210   

    SUPELEVANT 519          


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