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Luftfilter honda

Air Filter Honda GXV160 GV150 GV200 GXV120 GVX1210 HR214 HR194

SKU: 200023

The engine filter ensures that the carburettor gets "cleaned" air.
The dirt in the intake air accumulates in the air filter, so it must be cleaned regularly. If the filter is not cleaned or replaced, the petrol engine will run rough, start poorly and lose a lot of power.
The engine manufacturers recommend a change every 6 months or after 23 operating hours. Such a change is very simple, open the flap, exchange the old air filter for a new one, close the flap again.

  • Technical specifications:

    Honda power equipment original

    Medium: Air

    Length: 190mm

    Width: 62mm


    For Honda engines with model number:

    GXV160 GV150, GV200, GXV120, GVX1210, HR214, HR194


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