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Honda HP 500 crawler dumper hydraulic trough

SKU: 20003

Honda HP 500


The crawler dumperHonda HP 500 Hydraulicis with a powerful 163ccmHonda GXV160Motor equipped with a maximum power of4.3 hpdelivers.

The crawler dumper has ahydraulic tipping system of the crawler dumperwith a payload of500 kg/330 l on level floors.

Thetroughis very big(143x77x59 cm)and thanks to thathydraulic piston for tiltingloading and unloading becomes much faster and easier.

she is with onehydrostatic transmissionequipped that allows to change the forward speed without stopping the machine. She reaches oneForward speed of 4.3 km/hand3.6 km/h in reverse gear.

Other features of this crawler dumper include: thecaterpillars, thestability and securitywhen using the machine, even with heavy loads and inclines that normal wheelbarrows cannot cope with.

TheFramewas designed so that the machinelight and robustis.

thanks to thecaterpillarsand the powerfulengine HONDAcan this machinecarry the following loads:

  • Up to a maximum of 500 kg on flat floors
  • Up to350 kg on a site with a maximum gradient of 25%. For this reason, this crawler dumper is ideal for all types of transport.
  • Lowest center of gravity in its class!!!
  • Honda has been building this top machine for more than 30 years
  • Machine comes ready to use.
  • The Mulde is built strong like the Swiss Burgermulde
  • Technical specifications


    • Engine: Honda GXV 160 4 stroke (petrol)
    • Drive: hydrostatic transmission
    • Speed: forward 4.3 km/h reverse 3.6 km/h
    • Independent chain control
    • Mulde : hydraulically tiltable
    • Loading capacity: 500 kg
    • Maximum incline: 15°
    • Curb weight: 240
    • Dimensions: 2140x770x110 mm LxWxH
    • Dimensions trough: 2140x770x590 mm LxWxH
    • 2 year warranty
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